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BikeVault™ Lock: Secure. Compact. Unyielding + 4 Exclusive Bonus Reports

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"No lock is impervious to a determined thief, but this feels very sturdy and I love how small it rolls up. Fits great on my bike and offers more protection than cable locks that roll up this small."

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Isaac.
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🛡️ Unyielding Security: Crafted with zinc alloy and steel alloy rivets, BikeVault™ ensures your bicycle remains untouched, giving you the peace of mind you deserve.

🔐 Innovative Disc Lock Cylinder: With its rotating disc lock mechanism, BikeVault™ adds an extra shield against theft, making it near-impossible for thieves to compromise.

🎒 Compact Yet Robust: BikeVault™'s foldable design means easy storage without compromising on security, ensuring your bike's protection without the bulk.

🌟 Preserve Your Bike's Beauty: With an ABS outer layer, lock your bike securely without a single scratch, ensuring both your bike's safety and its pristine condition.


Attention Cyclists: The Silent Threat Looming Everywhere!

Every cyclist's dread? Discovering an empty spot where a cherished bicycle once stood. The sinking feeling of realizing it's been whisked away by cunning thieves. It's more than just a missing bike; it's the shock, the sense of loss, the heartbreak.

Introducing the BikeVault™ Revolution: The Ultimate Bicycle Guardian!

Crafted with meticulous precision, BikeVault™ is more than just a lock—it's a testament to advanced security engineering. Every feature, from its robust construction to its innovative mechanisms, ensures unparalleled protection for valued two-wheeled treasures. By choosing BikeVault™, individuals invest in a promise of safety, allowing them to ride with confidence and peace of mind.



✅ UNYIELDING STRENGTH: Made of zinc alloy and steel alloy rivets with hardness HRC45, BikeVault is exceptionally sturdy and durable. Giving cyclists the confidence that their bike is safe and secure. 

✅ A CHALLENGE FOR THIEVES: BikeVault features a rotating disc lock cylinder that adds an extra layer of protection. This mechanism makes it incredibly challenging for thieves to break into the lock, ensuring bikes stay safe and sound. 

TAMPERING DETERRED: The circular keyhole design of BikeVault effectively deters lock tampering attempts. This ingenious feature makes it difficult to lock-pick or drill, enhancing the overall security of bicycles. 

SLEEK YET FORMIDABLE:  Its compact, foldable design belies the strength within. BikeVault™ offers protection without the bulk, making it a portable shield for any journey.


PRESERVING ELEGANCE: The ABS outer layer of BikeVault ensures that bike frames remain scratch-free and undamaged while securely locking them. This thoughtful feature protects both bikes and the lock. 


Get 4 FREE Bonuses worth $49.95 just for giving BikeVaulta try!

When you purchase BikeVault, we'll throw in four FREE gifts just to thank you for purchasing this formidable bike lock. All four of these special reports are eye-opening and will help you improve your bicycle security, get healthier, fitter and leaner than ever before.


✅  Why Most Bikes Get Stolen...And How to Ensure Yours Isn't Next.

✅  How a Simple Cycling Routine Can Transform Your Body in Weeks.

✅  Pedal Your Way To Peak Health: No B.S. Benefits Revealed.

✅  Ride Faster, Longer, Stronger: The No-Nonsense Guide to Cycling Dominance


  1. Remove the BikeVault™ from the outer packaging and check the contents.
  2. Insert the key and turn 108 degrees clockwise.
  3. Pull out the first link to unroll the chain.
  4. Loop the chain around the bicycle and back into the lock.
  5. Press down the cylinder to secure the lock.


Every cyclist knows the unsettling feeling of leaving their bicycle unattended, even for just a moment. Imagine the heartbreak of a parent seeing their child's face when they find out their cherished birthday gift—a brand new bicycle—is gone forever. A startling fact: A bicycle disappears every 30 seconds in the U.S., as per the National Bike Registry. This isn't just data; it's a wake-up call!

BikeVault™: Beyond a Lock. It's Peace of Mind

With BikeVault™, cyclists can put those worries to rest. This Hamburg bike lock is designed to be the ultimate defender for bikes. Its strong construction, innovative rotating disc lock cylinder, and tamper-proof features offer unparalleled security. Say goodbye to the stress of leaving bikes unattended, and embrace the freedom and joy of cycling with confidence. 

No more constant glances over the shoulder. With BikeVault™ and its advanced rotating disc lock cylinder, even the most cunning of thieves are deterred. A world emerges where bicycle safety reigns supreme. Experience the joy of cycling, free from worry. Every bicycle deserves BikeVault™ protection.




Material: Zinc alloy, steel, and ABS plastic

Weight: 574.5g

Length: 30.7 inches

Folded Size: 7.5cm x 6.6cm x 5.5cm




(1) X BikeVault™

(3) X Steel keys

(1) X Mount

(2) X Loop straps and screws




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