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BikeVault™ Lock: Secure. Compact. Unyielding.

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"No lock is impervious to a determined thief, but this feels very sturdy and I love how small it rolls up. Fits great on my bike and offers more protection than cable locks that roll up this small."

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Isaac.
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Bike theft is a prevalent issue that concerns cyclists around the world. The fear of losing a beloved bicycle to thieves can lead to stress and anxiety. Many individuals seek a reliable, robust, and tamper-proof bike lock to provide the ultimate protection for their two-wheeled companion. 

Introducing BikeVault, the Hamburg bike lock that offers top-tier protection against theft and tampering. Crafted with the finest materials and innovative design, this lock ensures the safety and security of bicycles, providing cyclists with peace of mind wherever they choose to go. 


✅ ANTI-THEFT & TAMPER-PROOF: Made of zinc alloy and steel alloy rivets with hardness HRC45, BikeVault is exceptionally sturdy and durable. Giving cyclists the confidence that their bike is safe and secure. 

✅ ROTATING DISC LOCK CYLINDER: BikeVault features a rotating disc lock cylinder that adds an extra layer of protection. This mechanism makes it incredibly challenging for thieves to break into the lock, ensuring bikes stay safe and sound. 

HIGHLY SECURE: The circular keyhole design of BikeVault effectively deters lock tampering attempts. This ingenious feature makes it difficult to lock-pick or drill, enhancing the overall security of bicycles. 

FOLDABLE & COMPACT: BikeVault's foldable and compact design allows for easy and convenient storage. This lock can be effortlessly carried in a bag or attached to a bike without adding unnecessary bulk. 


✅ PAINTWORK PROTECTION: The ABS outer layer of BikeVault ensures that bike frames remain scratch-free and undamaged while securely locking them. This thoughtful feature protects both bikes and the lock. 



  1. Remove the BikeVault™ from the outer packaging and check the contents.
  2. Insert the key and turn clockwise.
  3. Pull out the first link to unroll the chain.
  4. Loop the chain around the bicycle and back into the lock.
  5. Press down the cylinder to secure the lock.


We understand the concern and fear that comes with leaving bikes unattended, worrying about potential theft or damage. Bike theft is a rampant issue, with thousands of bicycles stolen each year. According to the National Bike Registry, a bicycle is stolen every 30 seconds in the United States alone. 

With BikeVault™, cyclists can put those worries to rest. This Hamburg bike lock is designed to be the ultimate defender for bikes. Its strong construction, innovative rotating disc lock cylinder, and tamper-proof features offer unparalleled security. Say goodbye to the stress of leaving bikes unattended, and embrace the freedom and joy of cycling with confidence. 



Material: Zinc alloy, steel, and ABS plastic

Weight: 574.5g

Length: 30.7 inches

Folded Size: 7.5cm x 6.6cm x 5.5cm




(1) X BikeVault™

(3) X Steel keys

(1) X Mount

(2) X Loop straps and screws




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