CampMate™ - Camping Stove Cooking System

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"This stove system is amazing! The way it packs down so small, yet provides great performance in all conditions makes it a reliable asset to my camping trips. It has become my go-to gear for any outdoor adventure."

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Robert G.
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Outdoor cooking, especially while camping or backpacking, can often be a challenging task. The complexity of carrying multiple cooking utensils, the risk of uneven cooking, and the unpredictable outdoor conditions can often lead to underwhelming meals. Such situations demand a versatile, compact, and efficient cooking solution that not only ensures delicious meals but also enhances the overall camping experience.

Introducing Campmate™, a complete, all-in-one portable cooking solution for outdoor enthusiasts. This innovative product comes with piezo ignition, facilitating a quick and reliable start under any weather conditions. Its 1L pot is designed to evenly distribute heat, ensuring consistent cooking. With Campmate™, effortlessly enjoy your favorite meals in the great outdoors for the ultimate experience.


 ✅ INTEGRATED DESIGN: Campmate™ is designed for simplicity and compactness. It efficiently nests the burner, pot, and fuel canister into a compact package, making it easy to pack and carry on any adventure.

PIEZO IGNITIONThe piezo ignition within Campmate™ ensures a reliable and immediate start in any weather conditions. With this feature, fire-starting hassles become a thing of the past, contributing to a smoother camping experience.

HEAT EXCHANGE SYSTEM: The unique heat exchange system on the 1L pot ensures efficient heating and reduces cooking time. This translates into fuel savings, allowing outdoor enthusiasts to carry less fuel and help lighten the load.

 STABLE SUPPORT: Campmate™ comes with a stable support system that securely holds the pot, providing a sturdy cooking platform. This ensures safety while cooking, preventing spills and accidents for ease of use.



  1. Remove the CampMate™ from the outer packaging and check the contents.
  2. Unscrew the stove from the pot and attach it to gas (not included).
  3. Screw the pot back onto the stove and add liquid.
  4. Turn CampMate™ using the piezo ignition.
  5. Enjoy a hot drink in no time at all!


We understand the difficulties and unpredictability that come with outdoor cooking. It's often inconvenient to carry multiple utensils, and unpredictable weather can add to the challenge. According to a survey by the Outdoor Industry Association, about 43% of campers consider cooking equipment as essential gear for their trips, highlighting the demand for efficient and compact cooking solutions.

Thankfully, Campmate™ has been designed to mitigate these problems! Its integrated design, piezo ignition, efficient heating system, and stable support transform the camping cooking experience. With this cooking system, preparing your meals outdoors becomes as enjoyable and effortless as the adventure itself. Say goodbye to cooking hassles and make the most of your outdoor experiences with Campmate™ today.



Model: FMS-X1

Type: Gas stove 

Material: Aluminium alloy

Usage conditions: High altitude 

Certification: CE

With fuel: No

Gas mixture: Isobutane Gas Mixture (110g)

Heat exchange: Increase 30% of heat efficiency

With piezo ignition: Yes



(1) X Pot

(1) X Stove

(1) X Bowl

(1) X Cover



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