PlayfulMinds™ - Montessori Busy Book

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"I bought this for my son for his first airplane ride. It was GREAT! Kept him entertained with all the different things inside the book. quality is great, and it comes with a little bag to put it in to wash. Highly recommend.”

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Alyson
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Multi-sensory play is essential to help children understand how their actions affect what's around them, support brain development, and improve problem-solving skills. Without sensory stimulation, children may present with difficulties completing complex tasks and have abnormal social skills in the future. It is heartbreaking to witness children unnecessarily fall behind in school despite trying their best.

PlayfulMinds™ is a multi-sensory Montessori book designed to provide children with a solid foundation for future learning by stimulating early brain development. PlayfulMinds™ encourages sensory play through nine touch-and-feel activities enhancing children's fine motor skills and coordination. This keeps little hands occupied and entertained whilst setting them up for future success through interactive learning experiences.


REAL LIFE SKILLS: PlayfulMinds™ features 16 unique learning activities including telling the time, tying shoe laces, brushing teeth, number matching, and many more. Learning through touch and play provides children with a strong foundation for developing more advanced skills such as writing.

FINE MOTOR SKILLS: The PlayfulMinds™ busy book keeps exploring hands busy with a range of multisensory velcro-colored shapes, zippers, buttons, shoe laces, buckles, and snap pockets. This challenges and develops children’s motor and sensory systems in a stimulating and creative way.

PLAY ANYTIME ANYWHERE: Designed with travel in mind, the PlayfulMinds™ busy book is compact and lightweight. Providing ideal entertainment to keep children busy during long car rides, flights, and eating out in restaurants.

WASHABLE & SAFE: The PlayfulMinds™ busy book is made from washable, safe, and non-toxic materials. The material is durable and easy to clean keeping children safe and hygienic.



  1. Remove the PlayfulMinds™ Busy Book from the outer packaging.
  2. Unzip and check that all parts are present.
  3. Allow children to explore and enjoy their new book!

We understand how important it is for parents to do everything they can to support their children's brain development and motor skills. It can be heartbreaking to witness our children helplessly fall behind their peers and lack the basic skills to succeed at school and in life. Research shows that 86% of disadvantaged preschoolers lack basic motor skills.

PlayfulMinds™ provides children with the opportunity to have the best start in life and increases their chances of lifelong success. PlayfulMinds™ features 16 engaging and creative learning activities designed to develop essential skills through touch and feel. Enjoy giving children a head start and an unfair advantage over their friends with more complex tasks, such as writing, drawing, and problem-solving.



Package Dimensions: 22.5 x 20cm

Weight: 10.4 ounces

Manufacturer recommended age: 2-4  years and up

Material: Cloth



(1) X PlayfulMinds™ Busy Book


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