PowerVac™ 3-in-1 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

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"This vacuum has transformed my car's cleanliness. Its power, cordless reach, and easy recharging make vehicle upkeep simple and effective, even with two kids and a dog! An absolute game-changer for maintaining a fresh car interior!”

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Darlene K
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A clean car interior is essential, however removing dirt and debris from the smallest corners and crevices can be an arduous task. Dust and grime accumulate over time, impacting the car's overall aesthetic and hygiene, creating an environment that's less than pleasant. Many people suffer from the subtle longing for a fresh and clean car that once was.

Introducing the PowerVac™, a compact, powerful, and efficient cleaning solution for vehicles, in the home, and more! This handheld vacuum offers a cordless design with a high-powered motor and multiple nozzles to effortlessly reach every corner. It not only provides a superior cleaning but also offers convenience with its portable and rechargeable features for on the go for touch-ups anytime, anywhere!



 HIGH-POWERED MOTOR: PowerVac operates on a high-powered motor that delivers strong suction to quickly and efficiently remove dirt, dust, and crumbs. Help keep any vehicle interior fresh and hygienic with this powerful yet compact tool. 

✅ CORDLESS DESIGN: The cordless feature of PowerVac™ helps to provide unrestricted movement, making it easier to reach difficult spots. Its design eliminates the hassle of tangled cords, making the cleaning process a breeze.

✅ MULTIPLE NOZZLES: Equipped with multiple nozzles, PowerVac can reach the trickiest corners and crevices. These specialized nozzles enhance cleaning efficiency, ensuring no spot is left untouched for the ultimate satisfactory clean.

PORTABLE & RECHARGEABLE: PowerVac™ is lightweight and portable, allowing easy maneuverability inside both the home and vehicles. Moreover, it's rechargeable, ensuring consistent performance without the need for frequent battery replacements.



  1. Remove the PowerVac™ from the outer packaging and check contents.
  2. Ensure the PowerVac™ is fully charged.
  3. Press the "On" button to start suction.
  4. Enjoy powerful and convenient vacuum cleaning.


We understand that it can be hard to maintain cleanliness, especially with young children and pets who are notorious for crumbs and fur. A dusty environment can lead to allergies and other health issues, and a cluttered vehicle can impact mental well-being. According to a study by Harvard Health Watch, an average American spends over 101 minutes per day in a car, highlighting the importance of maintaining a clean vehicle.

Thankfully, PowerVac is designed to efficiently tackle any mess! Its robust motor, cordless design, multiple nozzles, and portability ensure a comprehensive clean, improving the overall atmosphere of your home and vehicle. With this vacuum cleaner, maintaining cleanliness and hygiene becomes a simple, hassle-free task. Keep your car interior pristine and enjoy a healthier, happier ride with PowerVac™.



PowerVac with USB Cable and packaging: 545G

Box size: 218x160x67mm

Material: ABS

Suction: 95000Pa

Voltage: DC 11.1V

Speed: 35500rpm

Lithium battery type battery capacity: 2*2000mAh

Charging method: 5V USB boost charging cable

Power: 120W



(1) X PowerVac

(2) X Dust blowing set

(2) X Long flat suction nozzles

(1) X USB charging cable

(1) X Inflatable nozzle 2-piece set



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