SilkTouch™ 4-in-1 IPL Laser Hair Removal

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"I was a bit skeptical at first because I’ve had professional hair laser removal treatments previously that didn’t work out so well. But THIS is already showing much better results after a few weeks! It’s so much more affordable than spending HUNDREDS!! I’m honestly blown away and have recommended this to so many friends already :) I forgot to shave and after a few days and my legs were still smooth! Stubble is all but gone. Absolutely love this! Armpit hair is a lot less visible and not as coarse. 100% satisfied customer!

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Margaret
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Shaving, waxing, or plucking are popular ways of removing hair to improve personal hygiene and appearance. However, these methods are expensive and time-consuming and often result in unwanted ingrowing hairs. It is both frustrating and disheartening to lose the smooth appearance of skin as a result of ingrown hairs.

SilkTouch™ is a 4-in-1 IPL hair removal device that offers a cost-effective and painless solution for hair removal. This device uses advanced IPL technology to shrink the hair follicle under the skin causing thinner and stunted growth. Enjoy the experience of professional standard and cost-effective silky-smooth skin.


STUNTS GROWTH: SilkTouch™ features nine modes and uses advanced IPL technology to shrink the hair follicle under the skin, stunting hair growth. Enjoy smooth skin in just eight weeks of application.

PAINLESS: The ice-cool mode of the SilkTouch™ reduces skin surface temperature to 10 degrees during treatment. This protects the skin and offers a painless and comfortable experience.

4-IN-1: With four operating modes, SilkTouch™ is designed for epilation, rejuvenation, acne, and ice cool. Experience painless and professional treatment for various skin concerns.

COST-EFFECTIVEThe SilkTouch™ is portable and only needs to be purchased once for permanent hair loss. Enjoy silky-smooth skin without paying for expensive treatments at beauty salons.



  1. Remove the Silktouch™ IPL device, razor, glasses, and charger from the outer packaging.
  2. Shave the area of treatment.
  3. Chose the desired treatment mode and intensity level by pressing the power button. Apply safety glasses before application.
  4. Apply the device to the treatment area and press the flash button to go.
  5. Enjoy permanent silky-smooth skin!


We understand how self-conscious we can be from having lumpy, red skin caused by ingrown hairs. It can be time-consuming and expensive to visit beauty salons for professional treatment every few weeks. Research shows that Folliculitis is a common skin condition that's caused by an infected or inflamed hair follicle, often as a result of shaving.

SilkTouch™ is the perfect solution for painless and permanent hair loss without the risk of ingrowing hairs. The IPL device uses advanced IPL technology to shrink the hair follicle under the skin causing thinner and stunted hair growth. Enjoy professional-grade silky-smooth skin without developing unwanted ingrowing hairs.



  1. Use: bikini, arm, around lip, cheek, armpit, leg.
  2. Epilator type: laser
  3. Material: ABS
  4. Power type: electric
  5. Intensity levels: nine
  6. Flashes: 999000 Pulses
  7. Lamp Type: Quartz Lamp
  8. Voltage: 100-240V/60Hz
  9. Certification: CE, FCC, RoHS



(1) X SilkTouch™ IPL laser hair removal device

(1) X Adapter

(1) X Safety Glasses

(1) X Razor

(1) X Operation Manual



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