SparkleSurprise™ - Explosion Gift Box

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"These surprise boxes have added a whole new dimension to my gift-giving. I gave each of my grandkids one. Its unique design and personalization opportunities make it the perfect keepsake, I added precious photo memories so that they’ll always remember those important moments. Absolutely recommend!” 

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Sarah L.
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Finding the perfect gift that encapsulates all the special sentiments can be a time-consuming task. Traditional gifts often fall short of expressing the depth of feelings one might have for the recipient. The desire for a more personalized, heartfelt, and memorable gift solution is more prevalent than ever as people wish to gift with meaning and less with material things. 

Introducing the SparkleSurprise™ Gift Box, a fun and creative approach to gift-giving. This cleverly designed box offers a unique way to present memories and sentiments. Crafted with an intricate design, the box 'explodes' to reveal multiple layers of customizable panels, providing a truly personalized experience. It is a creative and meaningful way to store memories that recipients can cherish forever.


✅ INNOVATIVE DESIGN: SparkleSurprise™ unexpectedly opens with a more surprising twist than a traditional gift box. The box unfolds to reveal several layers of panels, all customizable to capture special memories, making it an extraordinary keepsake. 

✅ PERSONALIZATION OPPORTUNITIES: With space for photos, messages, and even a small gift in the central box, SparkleSurprise™ offers an unmatched opportunity to create a truly personalized present. This thoughtful gift can be custom created for cherished value.

✅ HIGH-QUALITY MATERIAL: Made from sturdy, high-quality paper, SparkleSurprise™ is designed to last. This ensures that the memories encapsulated within are preserved for the recipient to revisit time and again.

✅ IDEAL FOR ANY OCCASION: SparkleSurprise™ has a fun design that lends itself well to any celebration. Whether it's a birthday, anniversary, Valentine's Day, or just because, this versatile gift provides a touching way to express love, appreciation, and thoughtfulness.



  1. Remove the SparkleSurprise™ from the outer packaging and check the contents.
  2. Follow video instructions below.
  3. Enjoy the amazement of a loved one when they receive SparkleSurprise™!


We understand the difficulty of finding the perfect gift - one that is not only thoughtful and personal but also unforgettable. It can be quite a challenge to encapsulate our sentiments in a conventional gift item. According to a survey by Finder, around 61% of Americans admit to receiving at least one unwanted gift during the holiday season, indicating a need for more personalized and meaningful gifting options.

Thankfully, SparkleSurprise™ is a unique gift-giving box that is sure to pleasantly surprise anyone! Its intricate design, personalization options, and suitability for any occasion create a gift that genuinely expresses your feelings. Gift-giving becomes an intimate gesture that creates a lasting impression on your loved ones. Cherish your special moments in a lasting way with this infinite box of memories and heartfelt items.



Material: Paperboard

Size: 23.5x14.3cm

Unfold diameter:47cm





(1) X SparkleSurprise™ 



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