StealthWatch™ - 4G/4K Wildlife Trail Camera

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"I can't believe the clarity of the footage captured by the StealthWatch Wildlife Camera. Its high-resolution capture and night vision feature truly bring the beauty of nature to life. A must-have for all wildlife enthusiasts and researchers!"

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Daniel B.
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Observing wildlife can be a challenging and tedious endeavor. Often, the elusive nature of many species and the difficult environmental conditions make capturing high-quality footage a strenuous task, not to mention many mammals are nocturnal. Each missed sighting or blurry image is a poignant tug of disappointment, a thirst unquenched in the pursuit of nature's elusive beauty.

Introducing StealthWatch™, a state-of-the-art camera designed to make wildlife observation a seamless experience. The camera boasts a stunning 4K resolution, capturing incredibly detailed and vibrant footage. It also features an advanced night vision capability, ensuring clear and crisp images even in the darkest conditions. With its high-speed trigger and waterproof design, this trail camera is ready to capture nature's most fascinating moments and it is prepared for all the exciting adventures that await.


 ✅ HIGH-QUALITY 4K RESOLUTION: StealthWatch™ captures stunning footage with a 4K resolution, providing detailed and vibrant visuals that truly portray the beauty of wildlife. Never miss a detail with captivating footage that highlights animals in their prime.

NIGHT VISION CAPABILITY: Equipped with an advanced night vision feature, StealthWatch™ is able to capture clear and high-quality images even in the dark. This helps to ensure that no fascinating moment in nature is missed.

✅ HIGHT-SPEED TRIGGER: With its high-speed trigger, StealthWatch™ is quick to capture fast-moving animals, thus ensuring that every exciting moment is caught on camera. Watch nature and observe wildlife as they run, play, sleep, and more!

WATERPROOF DESIGN: StealthWatch™ is designed with a waterproof feature, making it resilient against harsh weather conditions. This ensures the camera's durability and reliability in various outdoor environments for worry-free use.



  1. Remove the StealthWatch™ from the outer packaging and check the contents.
  2. Ensure StealthWatch™ has batteries and TF card inserted before turning it on.
  3. Attach StealthWatch™ to a tree using the belt provided.
  4. Turn on and ensure the app is connected to the camera.
  5. Capturing the beauty of wildlife in their natural habitats in stunning high definition!


We understand the challenges faced by wildlife enthusiasts and researchers in observing animals in their natural habitat. Poor image quality and limited field of view often hinder the observation process, resulting in missed opportunities to capture the fascinating behavior of wildlife. With an estimated 80% of the world's biodiversity found in forests, the potential for discovery and observation is vast.

Thankfully, StealthWatch™ is here to address these issues. Its 4K resolution and night vision capability ensure clear and detailed footage, while the high-speed trigger captures even the fastest of animals. The camera's waterproof design makes it suitable for various outdoor conditions, allowing it to be a constant companion in your wildlife observation journey. Elevate your wildlife research and observation with StealthWatch™.



Memory: Micro SD Card to 64GB (not included)

Lens: F=3.1, FOV=120

Size: 135mm x 90mm x 76mm

Display: 2.0 inch TFT

Mode: Camera/Video/Camera&Video

PIR detect range: 120 Degree

Night vision distance: 65ft/20metres

IR LED: 44 infrared LEDs

Trigger speed: 0.3seconds

PIR Interval: 1/510/30sec/min (default 1 sec)

Image resolution: 30MP/24MP/20MP/16MP/12/MP

Multiple photo on one detection: 1/3/6/9

Video resolution: 4K/2.7K/1296P/1080P/720P

File format: JPEG/AVI

Date Time Imprint: Yes

Moon Phase Imprint: Yes

ISO Exposure: Auto/100/200/400

Password security: 4-digit PIN code

Stand by time: 6 months

Interface: TV - out; USB 2.0; Micro SD Card; 6V/1A External

Fix Method: Belt, tripod mount

Motion detection: Low/Medium/High

Operation temperatures: -20 - 70

Power: 4X or 8X AA batteries (not included)

Timer: Yes

Waterproof: IP66

Certificate: FCC, CE, RoHS




(1) X StealthWatch™ wildlife camera

(1) X Tree bandage

 (1) X Instruction manual



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