CountingCritters™ - Montessori Puzzle Board

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"These wood numbers and shapes are great for teaching numbers, colors, shapes, and counting. Our toddler goes back to this set often each day and stays focused for surprisingly lengthy times. Good for small muscle control, coordination too.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Kathleen
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Puzzles for kids are a great way to teach them essential skills such as logic, pattern recognition, and critical thinking. A lack of these abilities can lead to children having difficulty tackling more complex challenges like learning mathematics, problem-solving, and negotiation. It is heart-wrenching to see children give their all at school and yet still struggle to keep up with friends.

CountingCritters™ is a multisensory number-learning puzzle board that encourages early learning through play. Each number in its matching color comes with a specific number of rings and can only be placed in its assigned slot, which promotes self-directed play and learning. Enjoy watching children develop fine motor skills and improve ability to remember shapes, colors, and positions.



LEARNING: CountingCritters™ involves multisensory puzzles that can be played both independently or alone. Learning through play develops children's ability to recognize patterns and improves focus and attention on tasks.

BRAIN DEVELOPMENT: The CountingCritters™ board features the matching game, number and color recognition, fishing, and basic math equations. Puzzles help develop children's memory, as well as the ability to plan and solve problems.

FINE MOTOR SKILLS: The pieces of the CountingCritters™ board come in a variety of different shapes and sizes. This requires different grasping and manipulation techniques, which help develop hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills.

CONCENTRATION: CountingCritters™ features a magnetic fishing rod game that requires a significant amount of concentration to successfully complete. The ability to concentrate and focus on tasks improves self-confidence and positive self-esteem.



  1. Remove the CountingCritters™ from the outer packaging.
  2. Check contents to make sure that no pieces are missing.
  3. Enjoy watching children have fun whilst solving puzzles.


We understand how important it is to support our children's brain development and motor skills through play. It can be so distressing to watch our children fall behind with basic number learning and problem-solving skills. Research shows that children who play with puzzles are much more likely to have fewer math difficulties in second grade.

The CountingCritters™ puzzle board is the perfect way to encourage early learning through play. The board features challenging multisensory puzzles that help improve kids' pattern recognition and improves focus and attention. Enjoy watching children have fun whilst supporting their brain development and motor skills.



  1. Length: 40cm
  2. Width: 15.8cm
  3. Material: Wood
  4. Warning: Contains small parts and is not suitable for babies under three years.



(1) X CountingCritters™ puzzle board

(10) X Wooden shapes

(10) X Wooden figures

(55) X Wooden rings

(10) X Number fishes

(91) X Magnetic fishing rod



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