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  • "As a stay at home mom of a toddler, I spend a lot of time playing on the floor. My legs have been been holding me up for 37 years so it isn’t surprising that my knees bothers me if I spend too much time crawling around. This knee massager has been amazing. It has 3 heat settings and heats up to the perfect temp for me on high. The vibrations are very pleasant. It alternates length of pulses, and does each side individually and both at once. I love the high vibration but it is a bit loud. The screen is brightly lit and easy to use. The straps adjust to accommodate a wide range of leg sizes. I don’t know anything about light therapy but it’s cool that it has that as well. I ordered this with low expectations but I am all around super impressed."

    - GirlMom

  • "We got this for our infant to watch during tummy time and it's SO MUCH FUN! We all love it and we're so glad we bought it! Our cats and dog like chasing it too so it would be great if you have a baby or if you have any pets!"

    - Ashley W

  • "I loved this pump. The silicone parts are very comfortable and easy to clean! I have another wearable pump that was more expensive but was looking for something else that could hold a better charge. This battery lasts much longer, is more comfortable, and has no tubing that I have to maneuver through my shirt. It's super easy to clean. I love the different modes and how adjustable it is; the suction is much stronger than I expected! The massage setting is super great as it helped me with lumps/clogged ducts. My favorite feature is the little lip to easily pour out the milk without spilling it. My only advice is to get a plug with 2 usb charging ports as each pump needs it own charging plug. However, two charging cables are included so you can charge both at once if you have 2 ports. My opinion: if you are looking for a hands free pump, try this! I love this more than my more expensive hands free pump."

    - Katlynn

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