CrabbyCrawler™ - Tummy Time Crawling Crab

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"This little crab is seriously the cutest ever! I got this for my son for Christmas and he loves it and not only that me and his dad get a good kick out of it. This is definitely worth the money and it’s chargeable so it’s not like you’re always having to buy batteries, which makes it even better! If you’re thinking about buying this 10 out of 10 says do it!"

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Michaela
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Tummy time is essential for the early development of babies' neck and shoulder muscles and to help prevent flat spots on the back of their heads. A lack of these skills can lead to babies having difficulty with more challenging tasks like rolling, sitting, and crawling. It is heartbreaking to witness babies miss key developmental milestones.

The CRABBYCRAWLER™ is a multisensory toy designed to attract a baby's attention whilst on their tummy. CRABBYCRAWLER™ encourages babies to crawl by playing fun music and automatically moving away from them using obstacle avoidance sensors. Enjoy watching babies have fun on their tummies whilst developing their motor skills and hitting key developmental milestones.



TUMMY TIME: CRABBYCRAWLER™ uses advanced infrared technology to avoid obstacles and move in the opposite direction. The unpredictable movement keeps babies stimulated whilst on their tummies for longer.

MULTISENSORY STIMULATION: CRABBYCRAWLER™ provides multisensory stimulation by playing music and flashing colorful lights. Multisensory stimulation enhances the processes of emotional, cognitive, and physical development.

ENCOURAGES CRAWLING: Featuring six legs, CRABBYCRAWLER™ is able to move quickly from side to side avoiding capture by babies. Crawling is one of the first forms of independent movement and develops babies' strength and coordination

RECHARGEABLE: CRABBYCRAWLER™ is powered by a 3.7V rechargeable lithium battery and comes with a USB charger cable. Easily charged by a computer, power bank, or the mains saving money on expensive single-use batteries.



  1. Remove the CRABBYCRAWLER™ from the outer packaging.
  2. Charge using the USB cable to ensure full operating time is achieved. Note, the charging port is located on the undersurface of the CRABBYCRAWLER™,
  3. Once fully charged, turn on the switch which is located next to the charging port.
  4. Watch babies become immersed and fascinated by their new toy.


We understand how important it is to provide our children with the best start in life. It can be emotionally distressing to watch our babies get upset while on their tummies and struggle with key milestones like crawling. Research shows that tummy time helps prevent flat spots on babies' heads, and improves their ability to crawl, roll, stand, and walk. 

CRABBYCRAWLER™ is the perfect way for babies to spend more time on their tummy and develop essential skills. The CRABBYCRAWLER™ is a multisensory toy designed to keep babies entertained on their tummies for longer. Enjoy watching babies have fun on their tummies and build strong foundations for more advanced skills.



  1. Height: 12cm
  2. Width: 24.8cm
  3. Weight: 10.5 ounces




(1) X USB charging cable



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