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SnugglePack™ - Multifunctional Diaper Bag Backpack

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"Such a cute bag! Was bought for a coworkers first baby; arrived just in time! We were able to pack it full! Love the convenience of the changing station on the back! (I wish they had bags like this when my kids were younger).

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Catherine
Verified Buyer

The challenge of finding a safe, accessible, and hygienic place to change babies' nappies while out in public is all too common. Although flip-down changing stations can be incredibly convenient, they can also be hotspots for germs and bacteria, putting babies at risk of infection and disease. It is both stressful and frustrating trying to find a clean and secure changing facility after a baby has had an accident.

SnugglePack™ is an ergonomically designed multifunctional diaper backpack offering a portable changing facility and crib. The SnugglePack™ features an inbuilt and secure pull-out crib with a soft mattress and shading canopy, which can be used for diaper changes or naps. Enjoy the convenience and reassurance of being able to hygienically change a baby's nappy at any time.



CHANGING STATION: SnugglePack™ features an easy-to-assemble 26.7"x9.1" inch portable diaper changing station. This provides a safe and hygienic space to change diapers at any time.

PORTABLE CRIB: SnugglePack™ offers an inbuilt portable crib with a 29.1"x12.9" inch soft mattress and shading canopy. The shading canopy of this product helps protect babies' eyes against the sun while allowing them to fall asleep feeling comfortable and secure.

 ✅ ERGONIMICALLY DESIGNED: The cushioned shoulder straps of the SnugglePack™ are ergonomically designed and made from a honeycomb and breathable material. This evenly distributes the weight across the shoulders preventing unwanted aches and pains.

HIGH CAPACITY: SnugglePack's™ dimensions are 16.1"x7.8"x12.2" and feature twelve multifunctional pockets including three insulating pockets for keeping babies' bottles warm. Enjoy ample space for storing baby's essentials, making it easier to stay organized and prepared on the go.

LIGHT WEIGHT: Despite the large carrying capacity, the SnugglePack™ weighs only 1.38kg. This reduces the strain on the back and shoulder muscles, providing greater comfort and ease during extended periods of use.

QUALITY MATERIAL: The outer material of the SnugglePack™ is made from waterproof and tear-resistant BPA-free Oxford cloth. This ensures that baby's items are kept dry during heavy downpours and safe from everyday wear and tear.



  1. Remove SnugglePack™ from the outer packaging.
  2. Check the backpack to ensure there is no damage, scuffs, or blemishes.
  3. Fill and organize the backpack with all of the baby's items.
  4. Be amazed at how light and comfortable the SnugglePack™ is to carry.


We understand how unpredictable babies can be and the difficulty of finding suitable public changing facilities. It is extremely stressful and frustrating trying to find somewhere safe and clean to change our baby's diapers during emergency situations. Research shows that the most common types of bacteria living in public baby changing stations include E. Coli, staphylococcus, and MRSA.

SnugglePack™ is the perfect solution for staying organized and prepared for any situation parenting may present. The SnugglePack™ is an ergonomically designed multifunctional backpack with a portable crib and changing station. Enjoy being able to change a baby's nappy in a hygienic, comfortable, and safe environment.



  1. Height: 41cm
  2. Width: 31cm
  3. Depth: 20cm
  4. Weight: 1.16kg
  5. Fabric: 900d Oxford cloth
  6. Inside fabric: Polyester 



(1) X SnugglePack™ backpack



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